There is quite a bit of catch up to do, if i’m going to do this blogging thing right.  I wish I started this a year sooner, but I never dreamt that I would ever do a blog.  Yet, here I am, blogging!!  I am very familiar with thyroid issues as my mom has an insane history of thyroid which I will touch on at a later date.

After my brief dealings with the thyroid issues in 2013.  I continued on with life as though that had never even occurred.  I had noticed a few times that I had choked or coughed when trying to swallow food, but just assumed I was inhaling my dinner too fast.  I did mention it to my GP a couple of times, only to be told that my neck was beautiful and I would hate having a visible scar on my neck.  He did run basic TSH labs, and told me I was considered borderline hyperthyroid but wasn’t worthy of medicating and he would check it again in a few months.

I was a busy bee during this time.  Dave (hubs) and I went to Jamaica, got married, went to Mexico, kids had lives that were busy with soccer, dancing, swimming, school, I was thrown into my weight lifting, competed again in a cross-fit competition, ran a few obstacle course.  Life was moving along quite well.  My physical body was starting to tick me off.  I was finding running to become more labored.  I couldn’t understand why suddenly trying to keep my breathing rhythm was so hard.  My moods started to swing, I was very quick to get angry when before my patience was strong.  I was unable to go far without having to use the washroom, my period was never ending and I was perpetually burning up.   I did go back to my GP and mentioned these things that were starting to change how I lived my life.  He took a measuring tape and measured my neck, only to tell me that my thyroid was a bit enlarged but my tsh still showed borderline hyper. We would just watch it for a bit and see what happens.  In the mean time, he suggested I have a uterine ablasion to alleviate the heavy period.  Which I did in November 2015.

Dec 8 2015, I woke up with chest pains and called my doctor.  He sent me to hospital to have it investigated because I had just had the uterine ablasion and the worry was there may be a blood clot, especially as I had a cough that wouldn’t go away.  AT the hospital, I had a CT scan and was cleared of any blood clot or heart issue.  I wasn’t having a heart attack.. I thanked every God, Goddess and above of this.   The ER nurse however came in and asked if my husband would come back into the room so she could go over something.  She said that the scan showed that I had a very large nodule growing on the right side of my thyroid lobe and it was pushing my trachea over to the left.  She had asked if I had any symptoms at all, which I hadn’t realized was related until that time,but I had.  The cough, the choking, the inability to run without gasping for air and getting my vitamins caught in my throat.  She set up an ultra sound of my neck to be done before I left and sent all of it to my GP.

I didn’t hear anything from my GP for a few weeks so figured maybe it wasn’t so bad.. No news right?? 2 days before Christmas holidays, my doctor’s office tried to get a hold of me at work.  I was too busy to speak to them and by the time I called back they were gone until the new year.  So we were left to wonder why his office would call me at work.  Insert panic here –>  By the time I had a chance to speak to office, I was thinking the worst of course.  My GP has never attempted to call me before that.  I went in for an appointment only to be told that the ultra sound showed several nodules, one was over 4.5 cm at that time and there was a request to have a biopsy done.  Now lets just regress a bit.  I already did that once before and I stood by my ground never to get it done again.!!  He passed me to an internal medicine doctor to take me over.  We live in a small town so anything that is more than a basic X-ray gets sent to 1 of 2 major cities or your personal choice!

Meeting with I.M. Dr. I learned that in fact I was Hyperthyroid and needed to start on Tapazole 30 mg 2x day and much to my dismay, would need to have another Biopsy.  Which turned into 2 biopsies.  That experience was different that the first time.  I knew what I was getting into and during the 2nd one, they weren’t able to freeze it deep enough into my neck and were just about to stop.  I told them to just do it and get it over with, bit on the side of the blanket, the nurse grabbed my arm and hankered down with me… we got it done!!!!

My husband and I found out the results 2 days before going to Antigua.. It was benign and I was diagnosed with Toxic multi nodular Goiter to be forwarded to local (small town) surgeon.   This Goiter became..George.. My pain in the neck going forward..