At the end of 2013 I had gone to a specialist for an injury that I had gotten from one of my many crossfit adventures that i had been on.. During that visit, he discovered that I had a lump in my neck.  This started the first Thyroid ultrasound that led to a biopsy, then a thyroid scan with a small dose of Radio active iodine.  This was all so new to me.  I rarely go to the doctor, and when I do, its usually kicking and screaming.. Now I’m being subjected to a sudden thought of “what if I have something??”

My first biopsy I remember very vividly.  I was told by a few people that in fact, its not so bad.  Its like a bee sting and it will all go pretty fast.  The day of the biopsy, I wasn’t nervous at all.  How bad could it have been?  I have a very high pain tolerance and I was already told.. it was no biggie.. just a bee sting, and I have had a ton of those. I was ready, good to go!!  Then the realization of the biopsy happened.  It was not a bee sting, it was several draws into my neck with a very long needle, manipulating the needle around the inside of my neck, against my breather.  It hurt, it was so awkward. It seemed to last forever!! The girl who never cries (that was me back then), was suddenly crying on the table and the wonderful nurse just held my head down to the side telling me it was ok and just a little bit longer.  I do recall that she said that I was already doing better then any men she has seen having the biopsy.  She said they would have passed out already.  That made me laugh deep down, behind the crying.

My husband and I left the hospital, I was fully in tact, and alive with just a band-aid on my neck and very pissed off that I was lied to.  I swore to him that I would never let that happen again.  I didn’t care what the circumstances were, I would never have another biopsy on my neck as long as I live.  That wasn’t a true statement, as I would end up with 2 more before this thing was over.

After that traumatic event was over, we found out that this biopsy came back benign.  Because of the several nodules in my neck, Id need a thyroid scan with a little of the radio active iodine.  I learned that nodules are very common in thyroids.  95% of them are benign and only need to be monitored, unless they start to impede on your day to day functions.

My thyroid scan was easy.  I went in on Thursday to drink a clear liquid, then back to hospital the next day for an xray.  This was completely painless and because of the very small dose of RAI (this will be short for Radio active iodine), there was no precaution.

The results of the thyroid scan showed that the small nodules just needed to be monitored and my thyroid was functioning a little high, but nothing overly concerning to my doctor.  We were told that my results would be sent to my family doctor, who would then check my neck every 6 months.. Life could continue on as per normal.. Or so I thought………