After the RAI,  I  wasn’t able to leap any tall buildings, shoot webs out of my wrists or have x-ray vision to see what was through any door. I was the same me,  I really felt no different at this point, except for my super swollen neck.  I went back to work after day 11 of swallowing the silver bullet. I thought I felt OK, i was told that there would probably be some side effects, I wasn’t sure what those would be as of yet.

Everything seem to be going as it normally did. I was trying to keep up with doing things  with my family because it was the summer. Trying to keep interested in  The activities of outside. My husband and I went to a concert in the park and that’s when I started to feel the first symptom, I was very hot. My body actually started to feel like I was burning up. I noticed that I was getting  prominent heart palpitations, they were starting to get more severe and it felt like it was beating in my neck.   Another thing that I noticed was when I did started to get really hot, I got angry and when I got angry, I lashed out at whoever it was near me for no reason. I was blaming it on the heat. It was August, and humid. I didn’t realize it was the inside of my body having a fit over just being nuked with the radioactive iodine.

I Started to feel terrible, I called in sick on the Friday, because I thought I was coming down with the flu. When I went in on the Saturday morning I knew something wasn’t right. I felt I’d had a fever for the full day before.  I had heart palpitations almost the entire night, so it kept me up, My body seem to be shaking like it was vibrating.   While I was at work, I started to forget what I was supposed to be doing. I am a police dispatcher and I suddenly  was so confused at what my job was. One of my coworkers alerted my supervisor who came over to ask me if I was OK. At that moment, I broke down and just started crying.  It was the ugly Oprah sobbing. . I was almost hysterical, I wasn’t really sure why I was crying, I just couldn’t control it. For the remainder of my shift I sat in one of the corners and Didn’t do very much. I am so stubborn, I refused to leave before the end of my shift. I didn’t want to be that person.. Before I left to go home I spoke to my supervisor who suggested that I take the next day off as a sick day.  It was very obvious something was going on as I wasn’t myself.   On the drive home the most bizarre thing happened.  I was driving on the highway, heading home and I suddenly didn’t know what vehicle I was in. I was so confused, I thought I had stolen someone’s vehicle. It did not look familiar, I looked out the window and it was the colour of my vehicle but nothing inside look like it was mine. I  didn’t even know where I was driving to anymore. I was crying so hard.  I drove past the road that I needed to take to go home and ended up having to drive the complete long way around until I realized where I was. When I got home, my husband was trying to understand what happened.  I told him that I thought I had stolen a car and was driving down the highway not sure where I was going. I really thought I had taken somebody’s car from our parking lot and couldn’t understand how I got my keys inside of the ignition and it was absolutely accidental.   I was all over the place, but he Managed to calm me down, and had me lay down for the rest of the day.  Truth be known, there is no way this guy doesn’t think I’m a raving loony at this point.  Let’s be real

Monday I went in to see my GP because my heart rate was out of control, even when I was lying down. He said I had tachycardia and put me on a hearty dose of propranolol to slow down heart rate.   The lowest my heart would go at that point was 123 beats a minute while in total rest. I had my blood work done the following day for my upcoming visit for my endocrinologist for the follow up of the RAI.

When we walked into the Endo’s office she was standing at the door holding it open, staring at us,  she asked as we walked through the door. “I need to know everything that you have been feeling and don’t leave anything out!” Well that’s reassuring.  Of course I had a list…

major heart palpitations



body was literally vibrating, very shakey



felt my brain wasn’t working right

Very swollen neck

sore neck

Severe diarrhoea

After I started to tell her what my list of symptoms were. She said that my thyroid test came back very hyper. That for some reason because of the radioactive iodine treatment that I had had, my thyroid its self had gotten pissed off and released a large concentrated amount of thyroid hormone into my blood. Which would be the reason of all the symptoms having come all at once. It was a medium thyroid storm as well as thyroiditis.  She put me off of work and I was kept off of work for the next 2.5 month, while my body healed.

During the time that I was off, I was put on several medications. I was put back on Tapazole, propanolol, lorazepam for anxiety, medication to slow down my digestive system, and a ton of supplements.   It was hard being off because I normally like to keep myself so busy and I couldn’t seem to pull my head up off the couch.   About six weeks after being put off of work.  My blood work was done again and showed that my levels were starting to become more “normal”. My Endo felt that the radioactive iodine was starting to work and slowing down the active side of my thyroid and making it more of a normal liveable situation.

One of the most interesting things during this time that I discovered was from my family doctor that I had actually been subclinically hyperthyroid for more than 20 years. My brain was so used to having a very low TSH and I function quite normally with it. So when my TSH started to increase I had very prominent hypo symptoms begin with it.  My heart rate decreased, I was tired all the time, I just wanted to sleep, I was getting brain fog, the complete opposite was starting to happen. My Endo decided she would try me on a small dose of Synthroid to see if she can raise up my T4 again and lower my TSH so I’d be feeling a bit normal so I could get back to work .  It was a very small dose. Just enough to trick my brain. I give great Kudos to My Endo.  She treats not just based on science but also symptoms.  Thyroid levels may look in the normal range, but unless they are optimal, they won’t be a benefit and you will still struggle.  She really did find a way to help me out during a really tough time.  It was a chance starting me on Synthroid because my thyroid levels were still just hovering above borderline hyper but it’s a chance that worked. I started to feel better and I went back to work.  I needed to get myself back. I was becoming a Potatoe.  Literally going from the bed, down to the couch and just watching TV.. I was watching TLC nonstop, watching about Gypsies, psychics, and little people it was my whole day.  That little pill helped me become back into the living world.

The most frustrating thing but having the radioactive iodine is that prior to having the silver bullet. I was active. I worked out every day, I was always in our gym lifting weights, I was running.  I was fit. The radioactive iodine suck it all out of me. I regret having it.   The only thing that I feel that it did was create a lot of animosity inside myself.  Also, I would get a stomach ache drinking any alcohol after the bullet.  DRINKING WINE HURT!  However, it did bring down my thyroid to a level that was doable so they could do the surgery. I got sent back to Dr. Mccutie for a follow up and a surgical plan CT scan. . I was hoping that the radioactive iodine would have shrunk my goiter enough that I wouldn’t need surgery but that wasn’t the case