My life isn’t all thyroid!!  I have lots of little things that makes me the nut bar that I am today.  Other than getting my nails done every few weeks, I am hooked on the latest trend of Butterfly lashes. These are a bit of heaven with glue at the end!!.

November 2015, I got my first set put on as a trial.  I will never go back.  Every 2 weeks I have my fill.  This is more mandatory than getting my hair cut.  Does it make me high maintenance?? sure does!!.. and I don’t care one bit.  I tell my husband that we are saving a pile of money on mascara.  Imagine, waking up in the morning and be ready to go.. just wash your face and go??? Voila.. Eyelashes ladies!! The new must have fashion accessory.  You will climb mountains and drive through blizzards to get your lashes filled before a trip away!! and wont regret the hazards doing it either.

Funny story.. I had Thyroidectomy (I will get there soon)in January and knew that I needed to schedule it as close to day as possible.  I took the chance and booked the day before surgery.. Fresh long lashes and recovery.. nice!!.. One of the things I wasn’t thinking about was the procedures that they do while in surgery.  ***Rule of thumb is not to get your lashes wet within 24 hours of getting a fill.  It allows them to cure properly.

While in the hall outside of the operating room, the anesthesiologist complimented me on my lashes (win) to which I did mention they were extensions and I loved them.  fast forward to recovery.  I was very nauseous and pretty sure that every nurse did mention my eyelashes at one point or another.  It wasn’t until I was more coherent that I heard the story of what happened during surgery.  I forgot they put tape on your eyelids while you are under.. and they put tape on my freshly done lashes.  So when surgery was over and the OR nurse was removing the tape, she also removed quite a few lashes that weren’t fully adhered yet.  Word is she freaked out because she thought she pulled my eyelashes.. they realized quick that they were fakers, and removed the tape on the left eye more cautiously.  This was very amusing to everyone, myself included.  my left side was still nice and lush and my right was pretty sparse.. NOTE TO SELF: lash refill done at least 3 days prior to any further surgery

I love my lashes and it is one thing that I can not give up.  It makes me look awake, even though I feel like I’m dragging my head between my legs at any given time.  Its worth every penny..