2 weeks went by pretty quickly.  My sister finally came home and we were able to sit down and try to understand what and why this happened.  She kept saying that she never saw this at all, that never at any time did she see this as cancer.  We can feel things with each other and I couldnt beleive she was wrong.  My sister and I are very close and almost like the same person.  Having her not around during this mess was really hard.  We have the Practical Magic sister bond.. Jilly and Sally,.. Both of us taking turns at who is Sally and who is Jilly, depending on what is happening in our lives at that time.  There isn’t a time that we go through any heart ache or stress that the other hasn’t felt it.  As hard as it was for me not having her here with me, I know it was just as hard that she wasn’t here.  My soul feels content when she is close.  Id be lost without her in my life.  Having her not here was hard and as lost as I was, it made me realize I really needed to find some answers.

In perfect timing mode, one of my soul sister’s picked me up on the Thursday to take me for a couple hours. To vent with her and of course, shop. We went to a quaint store that sold wonderful little gems, trinkets, etc.  She brought me there to pick out a meditation ring as a gift from her and our other soul sister, Miis.  When we first arrived at the store, a woman that was standing at the back came up to me and asked me if she could hug me.  I agreed reluctantly. Who asks strangers to hug??  My mus (soul sister) and I tried on every meditation ring there. during this time, the woman hadn’t stopped looking at us.  Turns out she was a psychic, so heck ya, I just had to have a reading done!!!!  Especially as the woman hugged me out of the blue!!

The reading was great.  She told me that my base Chakra was not balanced and causing me life issues as well as my throat chakra was not balanced at all.  I needed to speak louder, sing, and be heard.  She said 2 weeks ago, I was given a hard road to follow and having trouble with it (dead frickin on)that I had to start writing about my journey that I have been on and where it takes me. (guess this is a little start)It will be a journey that needs to be documented.  Also that I have a powerful and strong aura that I need to understand and so many other wonderful things.  My meeting with her was awesome.   She was right on so many things she had felt and said.  It lit something up inside of me.  She had hugged me 2x before we left and said because my angel guides told her I needed to be hugged.  My Mus and Miis gave me one of the rings as a gift but that outing was a big part of the reasons I got so into this new way of life.. Mus introduced me to aromatherapy months before and I never imagined that I would use it so much.  Essential oils have become an essential part of my everyday living.  Our house smells like a hippie commune from the 60’s.

From that 1st meeting with Sonia (psychic), I decided I needed to find out more about Chakra’s.  That first book about Chakras led me to learning about yoga, which brought me to meditating then to  power foods.  I had been desperately trying to figure out why this sudden blip in my story was happening and for what stupid reason.  From the first day I started with my first awkward yoga pose, I fell in love.  I am NOT bendy at all.  I have gained an absurd amount of weight over the last few months and feel so out of place.  Yoga is different than the heavy lifting that I love and normally do.. and I discovered it is more than poses, its a mind set, overall enlightenment, appreciation of beauty and sense of being. It is a yoga philosophy.  I have been doing it ever since and am a little more bendy than I was when I had started, and have been studying how to open up my chakras.  successfully!!!! I feel better, lighter and so much more positive.  I needed to find a reason for all of this happening, could this have been the reason?? I haven’t studied in years, and now finding myself eager to learn everything I can on how I can make my world and my families world, more contented.