Dr McCutie is one of the most reputable  and top thyroid cancer surgeons in our area and beyond.  He has had amazing successful surgeries and one of the hardest to get into for his craft.  We had heard about his reputation long before we actually got into see him and the fact that I got in, was a serious blessing.  “George the goiter” didn’t look like he was too eager to bugger off, even after the RAI.

I had another Ct scan to decide on the surgical plan and to see if anything had changed since the RAI was done.  Realistically, it should have been expected that my entire thyroid would be non functioning because of the high dose they used as well as it would have hopefully shrunk some as well.  I was pretty sure it shrank.  My neck started to look a bit smaller I thought.. Maybe my face was just getting fatter????

So meeting with the Doc for results, we found out that in fact my thyroid didn’t shrink but instead was dropping inside my collar bone.  I now had a sub sternal Goiter that was pushing my trachea over to the left as well as growing down into my chest.  It was going to have to come out.  The plan though was just to take the right side out as my left side was still remarkably functioning.. Slow, but it was functioning.. (I think George got the super powers I was hoping for).  My  husband had asked the Doc if it made sense to take the whole thing out while he was in there.  The thinking would be that it would be easier to medicate??  He explained to us that once its removed, its gone for life.  and it is so much better to have a piece of your natural organ than to not have it.  I was relieved to hear this..  So the plan was, take out the right lobe and George, he would check the left side but would only take it out if there was no choice.   I would even be able to go home that night.  OMG!! This was going to be a piece of cake!!  He had also explained to us that he had done over 1400 thyroid surgeries and his success rate was almost 100% other than a couple he had to bring in for extra bleeding.  But he felt even with George being so obese, it was going to be a cut and dry surgery..(pun intended)

We had a couple date changes for surgery. Thing about having such a highly regarded surgeon, is the wait time.  So about 2 1/2 months after the Pre surgery appointment,  was my actual (unchanged) surgery date.

I went in for my pre surgery appointment at the hospital in December.  I made my hubs sit out in the waiting room for the height and dreaded weighing part.   Yes, Ive gained a ton of wieght, no I haven’t done any workouts in a few months, yes my butt is bigger and there was NO way I was going to let him see how much extra junk was in my trunk..  I told the nurse that my ears would bleed if she told me what it was.  I tried to lean against the sink to make it look better but realized that would have been a very bad mistake, while I was in surgery!!  Meeting with the Anesthesiologist, they seemed to be ready for anything that would hit them.  Because of the previous thyroid storm issue and the fact my thyroid didn’t stop functioning after the RAI.  The anesthesiologists were going to be prepared for a storm to happen.  They would have to have alternative intubation ready because George was squishing my trachea and they are going in with the expectation that I would have a storm during surgery.  So no surprises!!!  We are ready!!!! Bring on George’s eviction