We had our appointment with Endo for after surgery follow up.  My TSH was pretty high for the first time in my entire life and my T4 and T3 were low.  She increased my dose to 175 mg of synthroid.  I asked her about taking T3 but she wasn’t a fan of that at this point in time.  I was just over 2 weeks out of surgery and now feeling the dreaded tired.  I was sluggish and just wanted to sleep.  She gave me the spiel that this was the best cancer someone could possibly get.  That if she had the choice between, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, crohns or thyroid cancer, she would pick the latter?? really??? UGGHHH!   My love for my endo turned a bit that day.  How could someone actually think that way?? She still made me smile a few times during appointment and promised we would get through it.

1 week after that appointment, (3 weeks post surgery)  it was follow up time with Surgeon for treatment options.  Enter my dad into the picture.  He doesn’t miss anything and since I am a space cadet and Hubs can get brain flight instead of fight sometimes!! Doc walked into our room and his first words were “which do you want first, good or bad news?”  That is where my brain panicked!! He sat down with my file and said good news.. You don’t have cancer!!. OMG I almost fell off of the chair.  What would be bad news if I didn’t have cancer??? I am so confused!!!! The bad news???? He did a total thyroidectomy and didn’t have to.  Which in turn leaves me dependent on meds everyday to live, as well as leaving me with hypocalcemia because of loss of parathyroids.

He explained that there was a lymph node and a piece of thyroid tissue that wasn’t even attached to thyroid lobe that he saw looked so definite to him, which is why he sent it down to pathology.  He had dug his heels in the sand not to take out my left side so was shocked to see this to begin with.  The pathologist that did sections, apparently is the best pathologist at the cancer center and has worked with Doc for many years without any errors.  This was Doc’s 1st surgery in over 1500 that happened.  He has never encountered this before and didn’t know what to say.  Except he would keep me as a patient to walk me through the hypocalcemia life.  Hoping that at some point the re-implanted parathyroid gland would kick in and start working.  RAI was off the table..I was so relieved because there was no way I wanted to do that piece of crap again.

Leaving the hospital, all 3 of us talked about this all the way home.  How is it that such an esteemed Surgeon that has people who have thyroid cancer, wait months and months just to see him, how can he have been wrong?? He has seen over 1500 thyroid’s in close range and can spot cancer in them?? and then how does a Pathology test on those very same things, also be wrong??  Both wrong?? The final pathology that over turned this diagnosis I hope was more accurate than both the Doc and Pathologist combined.  I am now thyroid less because of it.  Thankful its not cancer and even more thankful that I don’ have to have the radiation again.. so many questions regarding this journey.. wondering why.  but pretty confident that the ultimate result will be absolutely marvelous!!!!!