So up until this entry, Im getting pretty close to current time.   From here on in, I will be all over the place, because that is just who I am!!

Today, I had a follow up with my Endocrinologist.  I had my TT on Jan 27 of this year and since that time, I have already had my Synthroid increased from 150 mg to 175 mg.

***Synthroid is a prescription medication that can help treat hypothyroidism. The active ingredient in Synthroid is called levothyroxine sodium. Synthroidcan help restore thyroid hormone balance. It is a man-made(synthetic) thyroid hormone identical to thyroxine, the hormone that’s naturally made by the thyroid gland.

I  have my thyroid blood work checked every 6 weeks to make sure that the dose is correct and if it isn’t, to tweak where necessary.  I also am signed up with the lab to see my results as they come in, so no surprises!!  This time around, my numbers seem to be in what someone deemed “normal range”.  Anyone who has suffered from thyroid-ism of any kind, will know what a crock of crappo those ranges can be.  You can look as though you are in the normal range, but your body is still suffering from the side effects of Hypo or Hyper thyroid what ever the case may be.  One of the things that I am discovering is that the general population of family physicians don’t know very much about that thyroid at all.  That many of these Dr.’s only run a TSH (Thyroid simulating hormone) to test the function of the thyroid gland.  This is only a very small fraction of the thyroid equation.  Which on a math exam would equate you to getting a 1/5 of a mark.  So how is it ok to just test such a small part and make a complete diagnosis on this???  I scratch my head whenever I hear about someone’s experience with a physician like this.  Getting your thyroid checked properly needs to include the function of that actual Thyroid gland.  Which is T4 and T3.  Those in conjunction with Tsh and Free T4 & Free T3, will provide a better view on what your thyroid actually is doing.

Thankfully, not all  doctors are stuck back in the stone ages.  My endo, as I have mentioned before, treats not just based on science but also symptoms.  As any good Endo or Doctor will.  My current blood work showed  that I am in range.  But slightly my resutls are bipolar in a way.  My T4 is inching back up to hyper and my T3 is still bordering  on the low hypo end.  One  of the things  that I have been reading about is how Synhtroid though very successful with many people, also not successful with many others. Because its a medication that is half of what your thyroid needs.  It is T4 based and our bodies need to step up to convert the T4 to T3.  I realize this may be Bo-ri-ng, to anyone that isn’t in  the know about thyroid but its a key part to being in the know on how the body works… When your thyroid produces low T3 these are some of the symptoms that you can experieicnce

Memory loss (Sorry who are you again)

Brain Fog (Im not sure what Im doing with this dishcloth)

Depression (Seriously, Im just going to sit here and cry for another hour)

Poor stress tolerance (that would be telling someone to go F themselves??)

Fatigue (Im just going to pull  over here and have a nap)

Anxiety (My chest is seriously going to explode because my hair isn’t dry)

sleep issues (did you know that there is yoga on tv at 330 am)

Trouble concentrating (asking the same person 10 times what their name is, it was Bob)

Lack of motivation (You go ahead and live, im just going  to  lay here on the floor)

Those are just some symptoms of low T3.  So this is why it is important to know  both T4 and T3.  The dose I am on is pretty high right now but it is obvious that my body isnt converting to T3 to help with these symptoms.  I drag my ass most of the day, my memory is terrible,  I cant concentrate to save my life, by 3 pm I am ready for bed and then at night, I can not for the life of me stay asleep all night.   Its so frustrating walking around during  the day feeling like I am completely out of it.  Sometimes I feel so out of it that I almost feel like I have drank a couple beers, then I wonder if I look at someone in  the eye too long will  the see my bloodshot  tired eyes, see me exhausted and assume I’m bent?? ya that is what goes through my brain.

Back to appointment..  My Endo was very happy to see my numbers going back to somewhat normal versions but was not as  happy to  hear  the huge list of symptoms that I came in tow with.  She opted to increase my dose yet  again, this time to 200 mg but cautiously as she felt that I  was going back on  the verge to a hyper state.. Lets get real people.. yes, i understand  that being  hyper is harder on the heart,  body etc.  But you don’t feel as  tired, don’t gain weight like you do when your hypo.. I feel better.. she acknowledged this and wants  me  to be back to  my old self as much as my hubby and family do as well.  We are going to try this larger dose to see if that  will kick my T3 into shape, then may have to tweak as needed.. Go to 200 for 2 days a week and then back down to 175 mg.  This is my new future going forward.  back and forth, trying to get my thyroid to be somewhat normal so I can have a  normal  life.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning of many changes  going forward.  I cant help but wonder… had I only had 1 side out, would I have to deal with all of this going forward..

Realistically I would love to have T3 medication, but my endo isn’t a fan.  ugh!!  However, there are many Natural  paths that do prescribe this.  There are several  natural versions of  medication  that may be better suited for me.  I am still on the fence on  what to do.. I have to keep reminding  myself that  unlike  someone  who suffers from Hypo thyroid, I no longer have a thyroid and my body has been  through the hell of RAI.. I need to get things  back  and strengthen me.. back to where i once was.. Im tired of being  the haggard crazy lady that I have become..