IMG_5952.JPGLiving through the day to day Life of thyroid fatigue, it’s very frustrating. Especially when people really don’t understand what it’s all about. For example, the hubss wants to do more social activities. I really don’t have the energy to do it. He wonders why I am not being social, or why am I being so antisocial   The truth is, I’m not being antisocial, I’m really just tired.  I don’t dislike anyone or have any weird kind of grudge.  I promise.  I’ve looked after the kids illness for many years. They are my #1 priority but right now I’m trying to get myself back and I need to look after me. So yeah, I’m too tired to go out and I guess it does seem a little bit antisocial. But what else do you expect, my body is going through some crazy turmoil right now.   Trying to regulate the gas in my body without the actual organ there.   It’s quite the chore.  And when I say I’m tired, I mean I am laying on the stairs and sleeping there because going all the way up them, is just much to far for me to go right now.

So please dont take it personally if I bow out of going to dinner, having people over or hanging out your friend’s house to watch the hockey game.  I have hardly enough energy to be some what normal to my immediate family and those who live with me under the same roof.  To try to not seem like a crazy lunatic keeping my head out of my soup.

Things will get better, I promise and I will be the socialite I enjoy being.  But for right now, please be ok to let me just sleep when I need to.