Of all of the things that I could have inherited from my family, Hypothyroidism was definitely not suppose to be on that list!  My mom’s family are Hyperthyroid’s or Graves disease kinda thyroid diseases.  No one want the dreaded less than glamorous Hypo label.  The thought of gaining 3 pounds just for looking at a cheeseburger, losing handfuls of hair, hideous hands, dry scaly skin, freezing, constipated, no memory, enjoying sleeping more than anything else that money can offer.. These are not very attractive attributes to how I want to live my adult life.  However, now that my thyroid was so thoughtfully removed from my person, I get to live this perpetual dream and for the rest of my life!! yea me!!.  I’m Hoping everyday that these meds will start to work, or the new increase will boost my already dead metabolism (thanks for thats Radio active iodine!).  I have always worked so hard in the fitness side of life.  Loved being active, working out, lifting weights, running (ok thats I lie, I hated it but it was a necessary evil)and pretty much always researching the best program to follow for the best workout possible.

July 2016 I had the RAI, after that time, the desire or ambition to workout like I had totally disappeared.  Fast forward to TT Jan 2017, I want to get back into the swing of it again but its that energy thing that I struggle with.. daily!  Like I had said in an earlier post.. I did discover yoga.  Which I am finding the time to do.. I am looking at it as a gateway regime to get me back into my fit mind set.. Actually the mind set is there, I still research the hell out of workout programs, weightlifting techniques, watch every cross-fit or sports documentary I can get my hands on, read everything I can about fitness, recovery and health .. I still have a passion for it.. I just dont have the energy to sustain it for my personal life.. I have to make choices every day.. I can do one of my old workouts?? then spend the afternoon in a slump unable to wake up and not be at all sociable (miserably tired).. or do some intermediate (yes I am progressing from beginners) Yoga to start, and still spend some of the afternoon in a slump on my pillow but able to be more personable.  I have to choose my activities wisely in order to participate in human relationships.. just for the time being though.. eventually these meds will work and wake my ass up a bit better!!

I decided that the only way I can make this work is to be honest with myself.  This is partially why I am doing this blog. I need to see where I am, each step of the way.  I have been through one hell of a journey and I am not going to let that decide who I am going to be going forward.  Yea… hypo SUCKS!!!!  Having no thyroid SUCKS!! Having my body beaten down because of the radiation SUPER SUCKS!! but I will not this this define me!!!  I will still continue to do yoga every chance I can  get.. I am still keeping my muscles strong and in case you weren’t aware.. muscle memory really does exist!!!  I will do everything I can on top of the synthroid (200 mg now) to get my life back.. This will include trying things I haven’t dared before, failing, and trying again.. I will keep this blog going as I figure out what works and what doesn’t… right now Yoga is helping me alot.. 10 weeks post TT and I just started to add a little rowing in as well.. Got to change my food choices (gluten apparently is terrible for hypo’s) and the fam has agreed to come along for the ride.. everyone wants the Real Me back.. Im considering going towards a more natural way of medication as well.. that includes having a T4 and T3 source.. I need to get healthy, wake up, lose this new weight, feel better, look better and be a normal human again.

This is my experiment and road to getting  healthy like I was before George made his appearance in my life..  Lets do this !!!!!