So it’s been almost 5 weeks since I last saw my Endo. Who was pretty confident that the latest Synthroid increase to 200 mg would be the magic fix I needed to wake the hell up.  Every morning I get up and being as positive as I can think…Is this the day??? Only to find that by 3 pm my head starts to drop, I am slurring my words and can’t for the life of me recall what the hell it is that I am sitting on.  Not today I guess.

I thiknk I could almost live with the exhaustion part. I really am getting use to it. But the not remembering why I am driving down this road and struggle trying to think of a word.  My kids are actually getting use to me saying things like.  What do you want for stairs?  Instead of dinner. Or Can you please unload the door?  Instead of dishwasher.  Or. Tie up your things on your feet.. those things.  What are they called again?? (Kids just stare blankly at me). SHOES!!!!  It would be really nice to have my brain back.  Is this brain fog or mental confusion?? Maybe it’s the onset of early Alzheimer’s?  How can this be part of something that is suppose to be so easy to fix with a single friggin pill!!!

So Dr. You said I’d start feeling great with this increase.  I’m still waiting.